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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Cryptolocker Warning: Details on the nasty ransomware Trojan

Posted on by Adam Torgerson

A nasty ransomware Trojan (virus) called Cryptolocker has been making the rounds since early September. We wanted to let you know a bit more about Cryptolocker How it Works: The infection is mainly spread via social engineering techniques. Multiple victims received emails with alleged customer complaints containing an attachment that is in fact a malware downloader. […]

vSphere 5.5 released! New features and benefits

Posted on by Compudyne Admin

vSphere 5.5 was released at VMworld 2013. This update contains a number of features that will help manage your vSphere environment; several of these features will benefit Compudyne customers and we are excited to present them. ‘Flash Read Cache’ as the name implies, is a new feature allowing an ESXi host to utilize SSD flash […]

The Unfortunate Commonality of Cyber Attacks

Posted on by kvasko

Last night I received an email from Adobe outlining the details of a recent sophisticated attack on their network. Hackers were able to illegally access pertinent customer information and source code for various Adobe products.  See Adobe’s information about the attack here. Sadly, this type of attack from hackers has become common. Check out this […]