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vSphere 5.5 released! New features and benefits

Posted on by Compudyne Admin

vSphere 5.5 was released at VMworld 2013. This update contains a number of features that will help manage your vSphere environment; several of these features will benefit Compudyne customers and we are excited to present them. ‘Flash Read Cache’ as the name implies, is a new feature allowing an ESXi host to utilize SSD flash […]

A Better Way to do Technology…

Posted on by Dan Settlemyre

Technology is everywhere. It’s more everywhere than ever! Think about it, some mobile phones do more in the palm of your hand today than the monstrosity mainframe computers of yesterday. Over the past 10 years the “acceleration of innovation” has not suffered and many business owners, if they’re honest with themselves, would admit they are […]

Domains vs. Workgroups: The Obvious Advantage

Posted on by Dan Settlemyre

A centrally managed network of computers is invaluable to an organization and its members. Many organizations and businesses have a relatively large network of computers but lack a proper management solution for all of them. This can cost more in the long run from both a fiscal and a time standpoint. All Windows based networks […]

A peek at the benefits of Microsoft Exchange

Posted on by Dan Settlemyre

If you live and work in this world, chances are email is part of your day to day communication with colleagues and business partners: It is integral to the workings of our world today. Just like any other part of an organization, email needs attention in order to enable business productivity and efficiency. But what […]

Web Content Filtering

Posted on by Dan Settlemyre

The internet is a tool that we use daily in our work environment. While some of the browsing activity is critical for employees such as CRM tools and resource sites, businesses are subject to employees browsing non-critical sites, like social networking and porn. With the growing popularity of social networking and music, business can suffer […]

IT Systems Management Software

Posted on by Dan Settlemyre

how your business can benefit In today’s business world, time is money and when your computers are down it can be devastating to production for your company and business. Tools which are commonly used within many companies’ internal networks are IT Systems Management Software.  Administrators are relied upon on for ensuring that the company IT […]

Firewalling Your Business Computer Network

Posted on by Dan Settlemyre

The internet is a large place with a diverse collection of devices and people connected. Protecting the inner workings of your network in this day and age is important, and is a step that many overlook when choosing the infrastructure for their organization. Many business owners invest in a solid antivirus solution to protect their […]

Who’s got YOUR back … when it comes to BACKUP?

Posted on by Dan Settlemyre

Information, ideas, data, files, folders, documents, emails, contacts, schedules, spreadsheets, balance sheets, passwords, account numbers, social security numbers … YIKES! Everything we type and/or save on a screen is at risk to be lost – be it on your smart phone, your iPad, your laptop or PC!  Data can be lost, stolen, viewed, shared, copied […]