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New Product Feature: Web Filtering

Posted on by Adam Torgerson

Web Security, Content Filtering and Reporting services. Our new web content filtering solution has a perspective that focuses on security first. In fact, the new solution powered by OpenDNS Umbrella can decrease malware infections on client networks by 80%. Reducing malware infections is only one reason we chose this new solution. Compudyne is determined to […]

Vulnerability in IE could allow Remote Code Execution – Will XP be patched by Microsoft?

Posted on

FRSecure, Compudyne’s security partner, specializes in full-service information security consulting and is dedicated to security education, awareness, application, and improvement.  They assist clients with understanding, designing, implementing, and managing best-in-class information security solutions. FRSecure recently posted the following information regarding the latest vulnerability identified in Internet Explorer: Vulnerability in IE could allow Remote Code Execution […]

Welcome to Compudyne’s Blog

Posted on by kvasko

You made it!  Thanks for stopping by.  Compudyne’s new blog is a destination for some great information.  The blog is setup based on two categories: Wired and unWired. Wired Our Wired section hosts some great posts geared toward the technical crowd.  Here we have posted written by the talented technical minds at Compudyne sharing the […]

Test drive Horizon View, with Compudyne

Posted on by Compudyne Admin

Benefits of Desktop Virtualization By now you have heard of Desktop Virtualization (VDI), and have started to question “how can VDI benefit my organization?” VDI is about lowering costs by improving flexibility, management, and security of your desktop platform. VDI improves management by virtualizing the end user desktop. VDI desktops are built off standardized images […]

vSphere 5.5 released! New features and benefits

Posted on by Compudyne Admin

vSphere 5.5 was released at VMworld 2013. This update contains a number of features that will help manage your vSphere environment; several of these features will benefit Compudyne customers and we are excited to present them. ‘Flash Read Cache’ as the name implies, is a new feature allowing an ESXi host to utilize SSD flash […]

Windows XP- The End of an Era

Posted on by Compudyne Admin

Microsoft’s most successful Windows version to date, Windows XP, will soon become a relic of the technological past. Effective April 8th, 2014, Microsoft will stop providing updates and security patches for the XP operating system. Instead of providing a scare tactic to convince organizations of the need to upgrade, Compudyne will be providing some incentive […]

If I push this button, will it break?

Posted on by Ryan Goldberg

The impact of turning various knobs on Cisco, Juniper and HP switches – portfast, MTU, vlan id, flow control. Lots of gear comparisons fail to look at practical concerns – like “if I twiddle this knob in production, will things fall over on me?” I decided to get some empirical data on impact to connectivity […]