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Cisco Live 2015 – Are you ready?

Posted on by Grant Burns

Cisco’s annual conference, Cisco Live, came and went in San Diego, and Compudyne was in attendance.  The conference itself contains more information than one could possibly take in through four days, but many common themes were seen throughout this year’s conference.  We’d like to share a few of them with you. Security Security hasn’t gotten […]

New Product Feature: Web Filtering

Posted on by Adam Torgerson

Web Security, Content Filtering and Reporting services. Our new web content filtering solution has a perspective that focuses on security first. In fact, the new solution powered by OpenDNS Umbrella can decrease malware infections on client networks by 80%. Reducing malware infections is only one reason we chose this new solution. Compudyne is determined to […]

How Secure is Your Corporate Wireless?

Posted on by Compudyne Admin

Contributed by Brian Johnson, FRSecure Information Security Analyst “Pretty secure,” is the answer we hear many times when we’re doing assessments with clients.  It’s kind of a loaded question, right?  What exactly does secure mean when we’re talking about wireless?  Well, there are a few key things we look at for starters: Network segmentation Password control Encryption type Let’s […]

Vulnerability in IE could allow Remote Code Execution – Will XP be patched by Microsoft?

Posted on

FRSecure, Compudyne’s security partner, specializes in full-service information security consulting and is dedicated to security education, awareness, application, and improvement.  They assist clients with understanding, designing, implementing, and managing best-in-class information security solutions. FRSecure recently posted the following information regarding the latest vulnerability identified in Internet Explorer: Vulnerability in IE could allow Remote Code Execution […]

Should I Click on the Link?

Posted on by Compudyne Admin

Most everyone connected to the Internet gets email and has one or more social networking accounts. Facebook, PayPal, eBay, Twitter and other such sites are pretty neat bits of technology and are weaving themselves deeper and deeper into the under-pinnings of all basic e-communications. For years, email has been a primary avenue by which spammers, hackers and various fraudulent […]

Cryptolocker Warning: Details on the nasty ransomware Trojan

Posted on by Adam Torgerson

A nasty ransomware Trojan (virus) called Cryptolocker has been making the rounds since early September. We wanted to let you know a bit more about Cryptolocker How it Works: The infection is mainly spread via social engineering techniques. Multiple victims received emails with alleged customer complaints containing an attachment that is in fact a malware downloader. […]

The Unfortunate Commonality of Cyber Attacks

Posted on by kvasko

Last night I received an email from Adobe outlining the details of a recent sophisticated attack on their network. Hackers were able to illegally access pertinent customer information and source code for various Adobe products.  See Adobe’s information about the attack here. Sadly, this type of attack from hackers has become common. Check out this […]