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Why Upgrade from Windows XP?

Posted on by Compudyne Admin

There are many important reasons to upgrade from Windows XP.  I will cover briefly the top three reasons that will have the most impact on a business: Productivity, New Technology and Security. Productivity: When you take a closer look, the newer versions of Windows have features that help you work more efficiently.  The Aero snap […]

Windows XP- The End of an Era

Posted on by Compudyne Admin

Microsoft’s most successful Windows version to date, Windows XP, will soon become a relic of the technological past. Effective April 8th, 2014, Microsoft will stop providing updates and security patches for the XP operating system. Instead of providing a scare tactic to convince organizations of the need to upgrade, Compudyne will be providing some incentive […]

A Quick Look at Windows 8

Posted on by Dan Settlemyre

With Windows 7 being released just 3 years ago, some businesses are still running Windows XP on their computers and have yet to jump to the latest and greatest in the Microsoft operating system family.  What’s the big deal about Windows 8? Should you be choosing it as the operating system for your next batch […]