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Cloud computing is a fundamental shift in how IT delivers service to a business.

It is not a collection of products, such as virtualization, servers, storage and network services. While these products are building blocks, in their sum, they do not produce a cloud-computing model. We firmly believe the cloud is not a trend. It’s a fundamental shift in how companies do business, and it’s here to stay.

Cloud computing can be compared to converting your entire computing platform into a utility service and purchasing it like electricity. Because building your own electric generating plant is not an option, businesses purchase electricity every month in the quantity each location, department or building needs.

Private Cloud

Ideal for companies with strict security compliance requirements, private clouds are expandable server environments that hold only your business’s data. In contrast to a public cloud, in which your businesses entrusts its IT operations to publicly shared infrastructure, a private cloud is a single-tenant solution owned and controlled exclusively by your business.

Compudyne can help your business change its internal computer operations from the desktop to shared infrastructure, allowing your team to choose which applications, services and tools they need to complete their jobs without having to contact IT support. We also implement a chargeback model, improving your ability to forecast, budget and manage IT demand.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid clouds are a blend of private and public clouds. In this structure, your business benefits from the storage, database and processing capabilities of your private cloud, with the added flexibility of a public cloud. This means your business can manage spikes in business without the expenses of expanding your private cloud.

With the release of new tools from the leading virtualization vendors, businesses can now connect their cloud infrastructure to the Compudyne cloud, enabling flexibility, scale and a nimble way to adjust when additional resources are needed. Hybrid cloud computing eliminates expenses associated with building an overprovisioned cloud and keeps each aspect of your business in the most efficient environment possible.

Security and Management

During the recent virtualization gold rush, many companies did not account for security and management. We have seen companies large and small with a significant attack surface or that are not using management capabilities that would allow their IT department to do more with less. In the past, there were few solid options for security and management, but now there are many options to choose from to meet both needs.

With the recent releases of virtualization software, you may have rights to security and management modules, but have not had the in-house expertise to deploy. Compudyne will analyze your current environment and implement proven technologies to secure your cloud. We also evaluate and implement management solutions so you get the most out of your investment and the people who are in charge of the care and feeding of your cloud.