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Web / Content Filtering

Compudyne will provide and configure an on-site appliance to be used by the client. The on-site appliance will be owned and maintained by Compudyne. The web filtering service will provide industry standard web filtering: website reporting and user/group controlled filtering.


How It Works

Network Visibility, Analysis, and Reporting Reveals and aggregates information on bandwidth, applications, users and threats. A single tool eliminates need to correlate incomplete sets of data from multiple appliances
Dynamic Content Control Shape and prioritize by Internet content: category, URL, file type, MIME type, across locations, groups, and users. Goes beyond simple “block and allow”.
Dynamic Application Control Application Identification Engine shapes and prioritizes: application sets, applications, ports and protocols across locations, groups, and users.
Bandwidth Management Employ dynamic bandwidth shaping based on the type of traffic and assigned priority. Management can be done at location, organization, group, and user levels.
Multi-Dimensional Policy Enforcement Set and enforce Internet use rules and priorities, application access and prioritization, user and group access, bandwidth resource allocation. The policies are customizable across locations, organization, groups and users.
In-Depth Web Content Analysis and Filtering Content Classification Engine uses multiple tools to identify content: database look-up, URL keyword analysis, real-time content scanning, referring link and daughter link analysis. Enables defense-in-depth and reduces risk of misses. Real-time HTTPS decrypt/re-encrypt finds malware hidden in secure packets.
Intelligent Filter Avoidance Detection and Protection Anonymous Proxy Guard TM combines application signatures with dynamic filter avoidance technology detection. Identifies and stops even the most sophisticated filter bypass techniques.
Malware Detection Protection against Web-based malware threats with embedded malware detector.
True Cache Technology True Cache technology combines Web caching with continual content analysis to maintain the accuracy of the cached data. Outperforms traditional static caching solutions.

End Point Protection

Compudyne Endpoint Protection is a complete virus, malware protection product for businesses who value protection from these types of ever growing threats.  Compudyne Endpoint Protection stops/prevents threats from attacking your computers and interrupting your business. In addition, with Premium Endpoint Protection you have the enhanced ability to secure/control end-user functionality, encrypt sensitive data and prevent your valued data from leaving your business.  All of these features are built into a very efficient endpoint agent that runs on a single powerful scanning engine.



Antivirus Designed to defend your computer against malicious software. Malicious software including viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, hijackers, dialers, and other code that vandalizes or steals your computer contents.
Live protection The system continuously identifies all new threats immediately removing the lag between threat identification and update.
Incorporated Malware Protection Provides endpoint, email and web access protection and detects new malware proactively without the need for an update.
Reporting Upon request, Endpoint Protection Reports are available to Clients.

Premium Endpoint Protection

Adds the following:



Application Control Clients will be able to define which applications users will be allowed to access and which applications will be blocked from users.
Device Control Clients will be able to define which devices are enabled for users and which devices will be disabled. CD Roms and USB ports are two examples of devices that are commonly controlled.
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Consistent blocking of sensitive data from being accidentally shared; protection across your endpoints and email gateway. Clients can automatically allow or block file transfers at the workstation and via email.