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Innovative network solutions and engineering services from Compudyne can seamlessly connect you with your co-workers and customers. This means you can focus on what truly matters – your business.

Network Design & Implementation

We begin by analyzing current environments and how the network will impact future business objectives. Utilizing our strong relationships with industry-leading vendors, we design, implement and optimize network hardware and software products to meet your business’ specific networking needs.

Wireless Connections

Using advanced tools to assess current wireless coverage, channel interference and discover rogue mobile devices, Compudyne provides detailed site surveys with heat maps to highlight areas of improvement. Our robust technology allows you to wirelessly bridge disparate buildings without investing in a costly infrastructure build out.

Fixed-Wireless Connections

Compudyne can build and maintain high-speed, secure, fixed-wireless solutions to extend your broadband, including point-to-point connections and point-to-multipoint connections. Offering speeds ranging from 10Mbit/sec to 1Gbit/sec, these private networks can cross freeways or a hundred miles of farmland. We also offer Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to give users who aren’t on your internal network secure access to valuable resources inside it.


IT infrastructure relies on cabling to provide reliable voice, data and video throughout an organization. Category 5E, 6/6A and fiber optics are used to connect a multitude of devices and can be installed between offices, data centers and buildings. Compudyne designs, builds and implements the latest voice and data cabling technologies to meet the ever-increasing needs of throughput to the end user device.