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At Compudyne, we understand how important uninterrupted Internet service is to your business’s success.

With our managed IT services, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always have reliable connectivity.

High-Availability Internet

How much would it cost your business if your Internet were down for one hour? How about four hours or a full day? Our high-availability Internet means you won’t have to calculate that loss. We use our Compudyne circuits in conjunction with multiple Internet service providers to design a fail-over Internet path providing access 24/7. We know before your business does if either circuit fails, and work with the provider to fix it.

High-Availability Virtual Private Network

If your company has a central data center that distributes information to multiple branches, Compudyne can ensure your entire business’s connectivity. Our high-availability virtual private network solutions employ commodity Internet services, rather than expensive hardware and complicated routing protocols, to provide a continual, fail-safe Internet connection.

HAVPN: High Availability Virtual Private Network

HAVPN Diagram